The traffic of a referrer is assigned to two last touch channels simultaneously

florianr7064714 13-05-2019


I have a question about the assignment of a referrer to last touch channels. We identified that one of the referrers was shown for the last touch channels direct and other.



Here you can see screenshots of the problem. The referrer, which is marked black (the referrer has a redirect to the default page of a browser on mobile devices) in the picture, has visits for both, "direct" and "other".

Does anyone know why?

Thanks a lot!

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Dear Florian,

'Referrer' & 'Last Touch Channels' work on two different logic and both the dimensions are completely different altogether.

I would prefer to use 'Last Touch Channel Detail' and see whether you are able to identify the same 'Referrer' or 'Referring Domain' listed to sub relate with 'Last Touch Channel'.

Thank You!