The cost difference between s.t vs calls?



Can someone tell me the cost (either in dollar amounts or server calls) how Adobe bills for link clicks? Is it billed at half the rate of a s.t (page call) or billed at the same rate of an s.t (page call)? I need to know, I'm trying explain the value of an call, but the client is fighting me, and there is so much confusion around the this subject in the knowledge base. PLEASE HELP ME...pretty please, I'm begging you.

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Hi Dani,

From what I understand the s.t and are billed the same. It is the secondary calls that are billed at half the cost of a primary call. 

  • A primary server call is if there is only one RSID defined for s.account. 
  • If there are more than one RSID in s.account, then the first RSID in the list will constitute a primary server call and the rest will be counted as secondary server calls.

For details about the Billing Tab refer:

However, if you want absolute assurance on the billing details of a company, you (client) should contact the Account Management team.


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Answers (3)



Hi Dani,

I don't come to adobe forums these days but the answer has nothing to do with billing; here is the difference:

  • s.t() is primarily used for Page View and default loading where as is used for any kind of custom link tracking (even if it doesn't have any anchor tag)
  • s.t() increases the page view count but doesn't have any impact on page view (meaning it doesn't increase the page views)
  • s.t() and both are billed the same way - no difference in billing....

Hope this helps or feel free to reach out to me at +91 9953687116/ Regards.



Hi @ParthaS,

Not an issue of billing, but at this writing, can increase the page view counter under the right conditions...there is a bug in the function in which, if a value for arguments two or three is an empty string (or missing), then the subsequent request created by s.track() will not include the pev2 and pe params...the result will be a page view recorded just as if you had called s.t (s.t also calls s.track()).

This is particularly bad since certain adobe docs show being called with only two arguments, 'o'). Since reporting this 'feature', I am told there will be an effort made to at least improve the docs. Longer term we should hope for a bug fix.




Hi Dani, 

As Hyder says, s.t and calls are billed the same. They are billed as primary server calls, at the price you have agreed with Adobe. This is the way, when you send data to 1 (one) report suite. If you send data to 2 suites, let's say you have a global and a local suite, then for each server call you are doing you are paying 1 primary and 1 secondary.

The only time, where prices changes, are if you exceed your contract and use more server calls than you have paid for. I don't remember the difference in price.