Terminating a Contract and Removing Code

ryan_gachet 16-05-2017

My company (Vertafore) will be removing Adobe Analytics from our products. I have tried customer service and was directed here to get answers to the following quesitons.

1) How do we notify Adobe of our intent to terminate our contract. Per our contracts, if we do not notify Adobe by May 30th it will auto-renew. We want to prevent this from happening. A sticking point, is that the individuals who originally setup the contract are no longer with Vertafore. All that we have is the Sales Order/Contract.

2) We would like instructions on how to properly remove the code from our products. This way our development teams know how to efficiently and effectively remove the code to prevent errors, etc.

3) We may not have time to fully remove the code prior to the contract termination date on June 30th. We would like to know if there will be any errors that may occur (due to the contract ending but the code still existing in our products) that could prevent our Web Apps from functioning properly.

I've attached our Sales Order, to assist in figuring this all out.

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ryan_gachet 16-05-2017

Thanks for the reply. We currently do not know who our Account Manager is. I was instructed by Adobe Customer Support to post this on the forum for help.

Løjmann 16-05-2017

Hi Ryan,

This is a public forum, everyone on the internet can see your post - start by removing your contract from your post 🙂

Secondly, call your account manager at Adobe - he or she can help you with all of that, that is not something to solve here I think...

PS: I'm not from Adobe or have access to remove your contract from your post...