Suppressing Page view from iframe

sanmeetw1519854 28-05-2019


One of our clients is showing iframe of other contents of the site if users hover over certain sections. As a result of this, the iframe is causing sencondary page load calls on top of the primary call for the page on which the iframe is hosted.

I want to suppress this call. We are using DTM. Any ideas how this can be done?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


we have the same setup, here's our solution (for the DTM property in the iFrame)

1) create a data element "in iFrame" which returns "yes" or "no". check by Javascript if the page is loaded in an iFrame. possible code see here:

2) in your page load rule add a new condition like "in iFrame = no"

this setup should stop tracking the pageload within the iFrame.

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