Summary Change: Same Day/Week in DoD and WoY





I'm trying to create a Summary Change report that compares a day or a week against the same period of the previous week or year respectively.


For example, I'd like my Summary Change yo compare yesterday (full day) against the same day last week on a rolling basis (the daily report should automatically update).  So if yesterday was Wednesday, I'd want to compare last Wednesday. 


Same thing with weekly comparisons, I want to compare the last week against the same week a year ago on a rolling basis.  So if last week was week 36 of 2020, I want to compare that against week 36 of 2019.


I see the "ago" metrics but "1 week ago" and "1 year ago" are missing and there's o way to create new "ago" Data Ranges (unless I'm mistaken).


Is there a way to accomplish what I'm attempting to do?

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Hi @MktgCloudUser ,

If you want to compare YoY, WoW or YoY then you are either use the compare date range feature in Adobe Analytics. For more information, you can refer to the below documentation link.


The other approach will be to create a custom date range for more information on Custom Date Range you can refer to the below documentation link.


Hope this helps.