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Advance_Analyti 21-03-2019

How do the page where success event took place vs other pages show up if i pull page name dimension against a particular success event. I assume we should only be seeing the page name where the success event got fired? Is that correct? Currently i see a lot of page name showing up against the success event and i am not sure of how the correlation works? These success events are not enabled for participation.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi surabhis88595869,

It's a good question and the answer depends on where you are looking at the pages with the events.  If you are in reports & analytics and just looking at the pages report.  Any events pulled into that report are linearly allocated to pages.  Meaning if you have 1 order, it is divided amongst all the pages seen in the visit (so would be small fractions). 

If you are in workspace and pull in the pages dimension then it is a last allocation to page which would be the page it fired on (assuming it fired on an s.t() call or page view, if it fired in a link request then it won't get allocated to the page. 

You could work around this by creating a calculated metric with the event with different allocation types and use those in the various reports. 

I hope that helps,


Answers (2)

Answers (2)


For standard page view calls, creating a workspace project with page as the dimension and custom event as a metric would be the way to go.

For custom link calls, you'd want to populate an eVar with page name, then send that eVar in all link tracking calls.