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I want to configure the standard purchase event (As in adobe analytics) in Adobe launch to capture revenue, orders and units related to my transaction's. I tried setting the event on thank you page load while passing the Transaction ID and setting the event as purchase but I cannot see any data being reflected in my Adobe analytics reports. Can anybody help me on how to set this purchase rule in Adobe launch and if I need to set any evar/ prop or any other setup that needs to be done for the standard purchase event to start capturing all the data.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You may want to to set at least "purchase" event, purchaseID, products. The transactionID variable is used for other purposes. = "purchase"

s.purchaseID = "order_id"

s.products = ";SKU;units;total_price"

(s.products is to be set in the Custom Code)

Make sure to also set the currencyCode the sales amount is tracked in

s.currencyCode = "USD"

P.S.: If you set all these variables and still can't see the data in the reports, I would advise to attach a request to the tracking server sent from the Thank You page so that the community could help you figure out what requires amendments.

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Answers (4)



Hi All ,

I have recently migrated to Launch from DTM and on order confirmation page all the data is getting captured , like Purchase id , s.products etc.

But i am not able to see the same is reports , can someone please help here.

PFB the response on Analytics server that we get .




Hi Andrey,

Hi Eric,

I'm using Adobe Launch as my implementation method.

If I have a single product purchase, do I need to hardcode this on the /thank-you page?

  2. s.products="Footwear;Running Shoes;1;69.95"
  3. s.purchaseID="1234567890"


Do I need to have a digitalData.transaction object in my dataLayer and use data elements to pick up values for category, product, quantity, price and purchaseID.

What about tax, discounts and transactionTotal? Where would I have these values?

Also, if I create a rule to push revenue info to AA, would I need to create a Rule > Adobe Analytics > Set Variables and then jump to custom code section to have something like this? ="purchase"



Where would transaction Total go?




I can assign an event as purchase on the rule I have created for the final thank you page of the transaction. But as of both the purchaseID and products evars you mentioned above,should I set it both in the custom code itself? because there is no standard evar as purchaseId also.

Please guide me through this.