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I am using Angular SPA with DTM.Using custom event based rules, I am able to get all my data including pageName, v41,v42 as correct. Now inside adobe editor, i am storing pagename to s.pageName and some hard-coded value to s.server. I have verified that all my data is correctly populating using OMNIBUG tool as server,pageName, v41 and v42.

Problem is coming in Omniture reporting, as server and page data are not coming through. Page-name data only showing SPA homepage in all page visits and server also coming as default from s.code and not the one i am passing from s.server. eVar/prop are all coming fine.Even if I do prop40=s.pageName/prop41=s.server, then in omniutre reporting i am seeing correct data populating in prop40/prop41 but not under Page and server. And again I cant use prop40/prop41 for pagename/server as its not a correct way to follow and PAGE-VISITS are ZERO in that case.

Any help how to get data in page/server in omniture for SPA or anything wrong in my implementation? Thanks in advance!!

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does your SPA dispatch an event on each new view/page or does it only fire once on load index.html?

this ideally would trigger an event rule that fires your primary call. OR you could trigger _satellite.pageBottom() on each new view. (this would allow for pageload calls) 


your tracking server should be configured in your adobe analytics `tool` in DTM