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At our work org we are trying to match certain segments built in the catalyst UI through querying the Clickstream Raw Logs (in our case the data is in Presto).  Most of the issues we have involve variable Query String v57 and being able to tie number of visits together.  It seems that when you run a v57 report, most of the values on a given day are shown as (Low Traffic).  To my understanding, (Low Traffic) means:

"At the beginning of each calendar month, Analytics reports include the first 500,000 values received for any single variable in reports. This includes page names, and other traffic and commerce variables. For example, each unique page name on your site counts toward this total.
After 500,000 unique values are received, Analytics reports begin to optimize which values are displayed in reports. When new values are received after this threshold, the system initially groups these values in a single line item in reports titled "(Low-Traffic)". "

However, when I query the clickstream logs I obviously do not see (Low Traffic).  My main question is how do I go about trying to get the visits to match if I cannot see how these (Low Traffic) numbers are computed?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Packman,

Use Data Warehouse to extract the Raw Data and match it.

Data Warehouse report will not bucket the uniques as Low-Traffic. You can also use the segments while donwloading Data Warehouse requests.


Thank You!


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