Site Analysis: No any instances between 2 checkpoints



Good day Experts,

I am using Site Analysis to find user's navigation among crucial pages.

However, it is weird to find there are 2 checkpoints without any connections which is nearly impossible:


The 1st one on the left side is "Search Result" page, the 3rd one from the left side is the "support homepage". The right side one is "product information" page.

I cannot believe there is no connections from/to the 2 pages.

Could you please suggest any possible missing/incorrect configurations/taggings lead to this issue?

PS: there could be domain changes, but it also exists in "from product info. page" to other pages, then I can see from/to connections on "product info" page, so I cannot image other reasons.


In above story, I was using "page title - custom (prop)".

Just now, I tried to use "Page URL - custom (prop)", gives total different result. BUT, the issue is the height (conversion) is not applicable any more.

So, does it mean in "page title (Prop)", some of the setting is not enabled, so that caused the issue?

Thank you.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




I tried to delete some of the pages (checkpoints) then found it does work well.

It seems there is limited max number of checkpoints, if it is exceeded, some of the checkpoints will no display on the From/To.

hopefully someone can confirm or correct me.


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