Single Page Visits vs. Visit Depth: where is the difference coming from?




I have some difficulties explaining numbers from the 'visit depth' dimension and the 'single page visits' metrics. Here an example:  

I have a segment X (Visits where page starts with 'expats'). I build a first table (table1) using this segment with 'visit depth' as dimension and 'visits' as metrics. This results in rows like this:

  • Pages per visit: 1 -  47 visits
  • Pages per visit: 2 -  19 visits
  • Pages per visit: 3 -  13 visits 
  • Pages per visit: n - ... 
  • TOTAL = 131 Visits

Next I build a table (table2) crossing the 'single page visits' & 'visits' metrics with the segment X. The result returns the following:

  • Segment X - 40 Single Page Visits  |   131 Visits

I want to calculate the % of single page visits. From my understanding the # of visits with Visit Depth = 1 Page per visit and # of single page visits should both result in the same %. However, from table1, I would get 36% (47/131=35,8%). Based on table2 I would get 31% (40/131=30,5%). I reproduced this example with several segments (and much higher volumes) and the difference appeared in every other case.

Could somebody explain me how to interpret this difference correctly?

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Michael,

I had the same observation and I started looking for an explanation.
Here's what I found:

This is linked to the way Adobe manages reload pages.

Let's build a table with "Visit Depth" dimensions and "Single Page Visits" and "Visits" metrics.
You have more visits  than you have single page visits.

But if you do it on Ad Hoc Analysis, you can uncheck the "Count Repeat Instances" option. Then, you'll have the same number of single page visits and visits with "Visit depth" = "Pages Per Visits: 1"...
So by default (on Reports and Workspace in Adobe Analytics) page reloads prevent single page visits, but are not counted in visit depth.

It means that during one visit, if there is only one page view and it is loaded 2 times (one load and one reload), it will not be counted as a single page visit but the visit depth will be "Pages Par Visits: 1"... That's why you have a difference.
If you uncheck the "Count Repeat Instances" option in Ad Hoc Analysis, the same visit will be counted as a single page visit and visit depth will still be "Pages Par Visits: 1".

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If you just want the share of single page visits, then I would create a calculated metric, using this formular: single page visits / visits

You will have to set it up as a percentage, but then you have your number.... or do I misunderstand your requirement?