Single out a hit in a defined sequential segment




I am currently looking for a way to single out my first hit in a visitor based sequential segment:

-> I need a visitor segment because I want to allow the sequence to take place in the same OR another (next) visit.

However, once a visitor applies to the condition, all hits of the visitor are taken into account.

Meaning that all hits to the 'Home' are taken into consideration, while I only want this hit that applies to this segment (in yellow).

The only before segment also does not help here

- given that the sequence can take place more than once; but I want to take into consideration each of these hits to page=home that apply to defined sequential condition.

- even if the sequence only takes place once, I still get all hits to home before this sequence took place...

sequential segment.PNG

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Could you explain why do you want to create such a segment if the desired result is one hit linked to the Home page view? What are you going to analyse if a single hit returned?

Could you please elaborate more on the scenario if I misunderstood it?