Simple Segment Logic Discrepancies



Hello, I've found several discrepancies or inconsistencies with the way AA displays data for the same segments or even with no segments at all. The more complicated the segments get the more of these issues I found so, I'm going to start by asking about this, which in theory should actually be super easy and straightforward and shouldn't cause any problems of this sort....

I'm trying to set Repeat Visitors and New Visitors segments so, for the Repeat Visitors segment I'm using a Visitor container with "Visit Number" equal or more than 2 and for the New Visitor segment, I'm using a Visitor container with "Visit Number" equal or less than 1.

They both work on the surface and when looked at separately, they seem to do exactly what I need.... however, when put side to side, in other words when I compare them, they give me very different results.

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 21.20.16.jpg

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 21.20.25.jpg

They both show me the same number of TOTAL UV, V, PV, etc.... however, there's a massive overlap between them.

I would expect to see "New Visitors" + "Repeat Visitors" = TOTAL VISITORS......

This is a huge difference and it's driving me insane as it's supposed to be a very straightforward logic - any insights as to why this happens, how to sort it or even explain it would be a massive help!

PS: I've tried following the steps on AA's documentation: Compare new visitors to return visitors and I got the exact same results! No need for a screenshot here as, again, it's the exact same thing happening.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi TheMarianeC

Trying to give you the key:

segment 1) Vistor with Visit Number > 1

this segment shows all Visitors who had at least one visit which was greater than 1. that means, it just looks at the whole visitor and tryes to find at lesst one visit matching the condition. in other words, it shows all visitors who had a visit number 2,3,... REGARDLESS if they had a visit Number 1!

segment 2) Visitor with Visit Number <= 1

thsi segment works the same and shows what you expect.

that means the overlap are all Visitors who had both a Visit Number 1 (matching segment 2) and a Visit with any higher number (matching segment 1)

to get what you want you need to change segment 1: take segment 2 buth "exclude visitors", change the setting on the top right of the container to get exclution.