Should session refresh be checked to override last-touch channel?

madhurc30892467 07-05-2019

Hi All,

I'm currently working on implementing marketing channels for our organization & lately we have noticed that 'session refresh' share goes beyond 20% of the overall traffic.

We are also taking few measures to correct our internal filters and processing rules. But, for this case, should session refresh channel be checked to override last-touch channel which could be causing it to inflate?

If not, then what could be the reason for the higher number of session refresh? We have a lot of sites with different domains like:,, & there is cross pollination between them. It could be one of the potential reason but not likely to be true.



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If you have session refresh marked to override you will see an influx in traffic.

I think pulling raw data to see where you are getting the most of these is going to be the best way to determine where they are coming from and why.

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