Setting visitor targets/goals and how to display if they are met



According to the Analytics documentation ( it is possible to create targets.

Lets assume the following:

1. I want to have an increase of 10% visitors every month (my KPI)

2. I set the required "Targets" which then provide me with the attached report


BUT.... How to I make a similar "report" using Dashboards? Creating a "Target" visualization in Dasboards doesn't seems possible.

I can kind of imaging that I could be able to display the table and next to the table a "Summary change" using the "Difference" column from the report

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Community Manager


Hi Henrik,

Are you wanting to create something as shown in the screenshot attached?

If yes you can add the target report by clicking on 'Dashboards' and then in the dashboard view click the 'spanner' icon and select 'details' if you want to display the table or 'graph' if you want to display the graph. 

Let me know if this helps.