Setting up FTP site for Report Builder reports



Hi there, I'm a newbie in the Adobe Analytics world.

I’ve a quick question. I want to set up an FTP site to get the reports there using the Excel Report builder add-in from the data warehouse. Do you know how that solution could be architected, at least theoretically? Do I have to talk to set up that ftp site with Adobe or do I have to set up that ftp within my company? Is that sFTP or just FTP? Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks for your help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Once you have your workbook the way you want in report builder, you can go to Schedule Report Requests​. Under Advanced delivery options, there's a place you can select FTP and enter in your FTP credentials.

Adobe can provide you with an FTP site if you contact customer care and request one; you can also use your own FTP space that won't have the restrictions the Adobe one would have. People typically stick to regular FTP (not SFTP).