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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Aravind,

As said by Kumar, in Adobe Analytics Visits = Session : 30 minutes of activity or 12 hours of inactivity.

For your questions, below are the possible answer:

1. How many visits per transaction?

How many visits per transaction or How many transactions per visit?

Hope you are capturing the Transaction Event (For you it is Order). So Orders/Visits will give you the answer for How many transactions per visit. Vice versa can also be done.

If How many visits required for a customer before transaction is your question, then you can use the Visit Number dimension to understand the same as given by Kumar.

2. How many sessions per visit?

Hope you want to understand how many page views per visit. So Page Views/Visits will give you the answer.

3. How many times the visitors are trying to order?

Check how many times the customers are adding the product to the cart, but didn't complete the order. That will give you an idea!

Thank You!


Answers (7)

Answers (7)

aravindbalu 18-07-2019

Hi Kumaraja,

As you mentioned, I have tried generating the report as mentioned below,

But the values seem not matching, How a single visit will do 10k times and ordered 2k times?

visit number.png

aravindbalu 18-07-2019

Hi Kumaraja,

Actually, I am working for an eCommerce client. They want me to generate the number of cart additions, cart removals, orders and revenues which are separated by visits and sessions every month.

For example, if we got 15,000 orders they want me to show,

  • How many visits per transaction?
  • How many sessions per visit?
  • How many times the visitors are trying to order?

I hope you're clear!

kumararajak 17-07-2019

Hi Arvind,

I am not clear in your question. Visits and session are same. 1 session = 1 visits. Not sure what you are metioning as session here. Can you provide more detail?


Kumararaja K

aravindbalu 17-07-2019

Hi Kumaraja,

Thanks for your reply,

Actually can we able to see how many sessions per visit? (for a particular page or buttons)

How can we able to calculate the sessions by the Time spent per visit?

Do we need to create any segments for this? If yes how can we calculate the number of sessions per visit on segments?