Session Refresh over 25% of the orders

forward3d-dsaa 15-08-2019

Hi there,

We have a problem with Session refresh.

Session refresh is at the bottom of the marketing channel configuration. As Last touch channel is overtaking other Channels, which is not normal.


I checked the option to override other channels and the box it s not ticked.

I read also about a possible issue with the visitor ID and the time out session. However it looks like there is a good coverage of mcid. How can i check the time out

1813894_pastedImage_0.pngfor the visitor ID?

Everything looks to be configured pretty well, however Session Refresh is 3 in terms of Orders attributed as per picture above.

Any idea or suggestions?

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Waqas_Rafiq 17-08-2019

Have you tried breaking the session refresh down by browser? I've seen high numbers for cross domain tracking on Safari browsers (ITP and blocking of cookies, especially 3rd party and cross domain) as they tend to delete the mcvid when a user goes from domain A to B. The best way to debug it, is to extract data from the data feed and then follow one of the transaction ids that has session refresh and see on which page the marketing channel was set to session refresh. You could look into this article and see if there a clue in here to help you out. appendVisitorIDsTo (Cross-Domain Tracking)