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Hello Guys, I don't have a too much knowledge about adobe analytics but have started to work on this. I have a question on server call as how we can see the report of server call in admin tab, also need to check if there is lot of server call generated then how we can reduce them means using tagging or anything else. Please guys help me out in this and give me suggestion in steps so that easy to understand.

It shall be better if I got some suggestion from you.

Thank you,

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Hi Anil,

Another recommendation, in addition to using the tool to identify the amount of server calls per month are firing in your company, would be to leverage a tool like the Marketing Cloud Pulse Chrome extension:

Marketing Cloud Pulse - Chrome Extension

This will show you, in real time as you are browsing your site, how many tags are firing. In addition, you'll notice a lot of variables that are populated, which will clue you in to how each of your reports within Adobe Analytics are getting populated.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Anil,

Welcome to the Analytics Community! 

You can view the data and distribution of your primary and secondary server calls in the 'Billing' option in the Admin Tab. Only an authorized administrator has access to this page so you might have to check with your Account Manager on this if you dont have access. Check out this page on Billing -

For reducing you server calls, it would have to be a deeper study of your implementation and it would be a good idea to involve consulting on it.