Sequential Segments in Fallout Visualizations: Breaking without Explanation



I built sequential segments to identify visitors who order within a certain time of acquiring the app, as well as users who order in consecutive purchase windows and users who churn after a purchase window.


I placed four of these sequential segments in the Fallout Visualization, and got a perfect representation of what I was looking for.


Since then, anytime I open the project all of the %'s at each touchpoint are 0, including the first touchpoint which most users pass. Additionally, if I remove the last 2 touchpoints, the fallout visualiztion builds and shows the correct data, but when I add the sequential segment for the 3rd purchase window, all values go to zero.


Because I got the fallout visualization to work initially, and because I have other tables with the same data, I know that the sequential segments are functioning, and the issue is just having all of these nested, sequential segments in the same visualization.


Is this a problem others have experienced? Is there a way to ensure data loads in complex segments?

Adobe Analytics Fallout Sequential Segments

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