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I have AppMeasurement 2.17.0 and it sometimes sends beacons as (1) AJAX POST request and sometimes it dynamically (2) adds <script> to the page (with the same URL as AJAX request) and that results in a GET request.

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In case of 1 the data is encapsulated in the request body, and in case of 2 the data is sent in request parameters.

Why is that so, and is it possible to configure it to always send the beacon as AJAX POST?


I would like to have it that way, because it makes testing track calls with tools such as Cypress easier. Cypress, for example, is capable only of detecting AJAX requests.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



This was addressed in another post:

Basically, AppMeasurement itself decides which method to use. As far as I know, there is no user-configurable setting to force AppMeasurement to always use POST.

The next best thing that you can consider is s.useBeacon:

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