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christianm99953 05-04-2019

Hello I have the following question.

In the documentation it reads: "Scheduled Projects Manager, you can edit and delete recurring project deliveries. You can create delivery schedules that send your reports via email to a specified address. You can configure these schedules to automatically send the reports at specified intervals for a duration of time or indefinitely, or stop the delivery of a recurring project." (Scheduled Projects Manager )

We want to schedule indefinitely but my product owner can't skip the expiration date in the form and can only set an end date within a 1 year range from schedule start. Is this a bug or is there some hidden option we haven't discovered yet, please help.

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Best regards Christian

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear christianm99953622

I don't think it is a bug or something you didn't discover. Earlier for Report Builder Schedules we had a limit of 28 Months from the date of Schedule if the work book was not touched nor updated.

Should be the same case! Adobe didn't want to send a Project indefinitely if it is not touched nor used. So I guess it is fine to schedule only up-to an year and reschedule it later once the time period ended.

Anyhow, let's hear it from other experts as well.

Thank You!


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Answers (1)

christianm99953 08-04-2019

Dear Arun,

thank you for your answer, so it looks like the Scheduled Projects Manager documentation is wrong, bad for us and for Adobe to not include something that useful in their product, this restriction is so pointless.

Best regards Chris