Segments using props versus eVars on Ecommerce site



I have a situation that I need confirmation. I work on an ecommerce site that has  pop-up on the hone page for first time customers to register to get money off their first order. We track if the visitor clicks a button to register for the offer or not to accept the offer. 


- We use  a prop to capture if the visitor clicked the "register" button or the "no thanks" button"

- I created visits segments for the visitors who click "register" and the visitors who click "no thanks"


I apply the segment to see how many visitors completed a purchase who clicked "register" and visitors who completed a purchase who clicked "no-thanks"


I think my data is not reporting all of the visitors clicked "register". The orders and revenue seem very low.


I think a better solution would be to capture the data using eVar and creating a visit segment because the eVar is persistent.


I want confirmation that makes sens or is there a better way to create prop visit segments for order and revenue data?


Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)




In your scenario with a segment it does not matter whether the button name is captured in a prop or an eVar.

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