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My aim is to take a look at how many people are returning to our website through one specific entry channel (mass e-mail). So what I did was create a segment that contains only traffic that has a specific campaign ID to filter out the mass e-mail visitors. After that I'm looking at the following metrics:

- Visits

- Unique Vists

- Yearly Unique visits

What I'm hoping to see is that the yearly unique visits is declining relative to the unique visits. What I would like to verify is if the 'yearly unique visits' metric also respects the segment, does anyone know?

Let me give an example, consider scenario A:

- User enters through google natural search at moment A

- User enters through mass e-mail at moment B

When looking at the segment that filters for the mass e-mail, will this user show as a yearly unique at moment B, or will the fact that he already visited the site at moment A mean he's not a yearly unique visitor anymore in the scope of the segment?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




If I understand your question correctly, the segment will be respected across all your metrics. The result will be the count of Unique Visitors who at some point clicked though your email in question.

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