[SEGMENTS] Do you see a more elegant way to do this?

manheimer-aVdaK 16-11-2017

The purpose of this segment is to exclude 'suspicious activity'

We've noticed on a voting application where a few particular GEO regions are generating an astounding number of page views and repeat visits. We cannot exclude these GEO regions altogether, but have picked some generous numbers to define 'suspicious activity'

  1. Exclude visitors where they have generated over 500 visits within one week
  2. Exclude visitors where they have generated over 200 page views within one visit

I'm finding that this segment is adding some overhead to reporting because it has a lot to filter out, and has WITHIN operators

Do you see a more elegant way to do this?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


You could remove the second "within" clause and just say "Visit container where Page Views are greater than or equal to 200" instead. The visit container implies that the page views happened within the same visit. That would cut things down a little bit.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)


The sequential segment wouldn't make sense there, since it is saying the user must first have 200 page views then have 500 visits. You'd probably want the 'then' to be an 'or', then use a nested container to specifically call out 500 visits. Otherwise the suggested segment looks great.

pabloc82923542 24-11-2017

If the desire is to weed out fake voters.... I would do this.

Set up an event that is fired upon vote completion.(event triggered by lets say Vote button or complete your ballet button)

Now each vote will be tracked by the instance of the vote occurring. Next apply a correlate report for this against IP address. Now you can see specific IP address that completed a vote. If its a shared IP address again break it down by screen size or browser to verify different users.

Then you could even setup an alert for when IP address equals more than 1 vote / hour or day etc...

waynev92156018 24-11-2017

Did you manage to get this working? I need to do the same but when i apply the segment across a visit report it is not reducing visit volumes.