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This feels like a really stupid question, but based on the email we all received today, I'm highly interested in knowing if the checkbox above makes segments available across ALL report suites.  That would make things a bit easier (IN SOME WAYS) for me.  PLEASE ADVISE ASAP!

Any MVPs who know right off the bat?  This limitation of only 75 segments per Report Suite is going to be HIGHLY PROHIBITIVE and terribly problematic, especially for such a large organization like the one for whom I work!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I think that this checkbox has more to do with making the segment available to other products in the Experience Cloud (e.g. Target), and less to do with the segment being made available in other report suites. To share segments to a wider audience, you'll need to go to Components > Segments, select one or more segments via the checkbox, click the "Share" icon at the top of the page, and then choose the individuals/groups/all option. 


I did not receive an email about a 75 segment limit, and don't see it in the Release Notes.

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