Segmenting by Time... any insights out there?



Here is the use case:

People launch an app numerous times within a day but they may not use the app every day.

I want to look at people that use the app for 5 or more days within a quarter ​and classify them as my "loyal" app users.

Now, I don't have the people metric implemented so I will settle for unique visitors.

But is there a way to classify time as 5 or more days within a segment?

All of my "day" dimensions ask for a specific date...

Any thoughts or suggestions around this?  I'm all ears.


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That just gives intervals between sessions and it's at the visit level. 

I want to see by day; if you used the app one day in January, 2 days in February, and then another day in August.  I don't care how many times within that day you've launched or used the app.  Just trying to get overall usage over time at at the visitor level. 

Does that make sense?