Segmentation of users based on domains

akk90770837 26-04-2017

Hi Adobe team,

1) Our organization is trying to get information on how many users logged in to our website are local (from United States) and how many are Internationals?

2) Is there are way to know how many users used our organization email id to log in? and how many used their personal email id? (Basically we want to segment data according to Staff vs Others)

- Arjun Patil

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Accepted Solutions (1)


For your second question, are you capturing the emails in a variable? If yes, you can create a simple segment with the condition evarX contains ''


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Answers (1)

Suhail_Parkar 26-04-2017

Hi Arjun -

If you have an adobe analytics account please see my answers below:

1 - Use GeoSegmentation Reports under Visitor Profile to see from where users are accessing your site.

2 - To know about internal and external users, please refer Custom Conversion/Traffic reports. You may find Internal/External reports over there unless the variables are defined for the same.

User Guide -

GeoSegmentation Reports -

Hope this helps.