Segment to filter URL contains sku = 7{*******} alphanumeric value



Hi Team,


I am trying to build a visit level segment based on pageURL contains sku={*******}.We are passing the 7 digit alphanumeric value(for instance: T6L04AA) in the product page URL. I am trying to use these 7 digit alphanumeric value as condition. But I am not able to create it as we have huge number of sku's. Can you please help me here to create segment using regular expression?


for instance:

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Hi Dinesh,

@dinesh_b_kumar_ wrote:

...But I am not able to create it as we have huge number of sku's...

It sounds that maybe you are going to reach the 500K value limit per dimension. In any case, you cannot use regexp while working with segments. The most  you can do is to use wildcards, and wildcards only work for whole values in the dimension. For instance:

  • Your dimension matches 10_*_000 delivers:
    • 10_20495_000
    • 10_219432_000
    • 10_32_000
    • ...

For your requeriments, it looks like that the best approach would be, imho, to capture SKU parameter in a new eVar. From here, you can use the Classification Rule Builder with any desired regexp to create the segments as you need. I hope it helps.




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