Segment the visitor who has 500+ pageview for particular dimension



I am trying to segment/filter the visitor who has 500+ pageview for particular dimension in 24 hours . How can we do this ? does below logic work?1783686_pastedImage_0.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)




no, there is no easy solution with segments.

your segment looks for visitors who had seen 1 specific page (somewhere within timeframe) and has seen 500 pages. but there is no link between the page and the page views...

what you could do

a) create a segment ("page=xxx" then "page=xxx" ...) for 500 times (you could, but I think you don't want to...). one problem is that you might lose the "within one day...

b) add a counter to your analytics property to count for specific pages (but would do this only for important pages, because you need one event for each desired page)

the question is, what you try to get: is it just a number of how many visitors had this behavior or do you really need the single visitor container?

because you just need a number, there might be a work around to get the result - but you will not be able to use this as eg. "visitor filter to exclude specific visitors"

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Answers (3)



If it's for looking for the "fraud traffic", I don't think there is an easy way, I fight for it for months.

There are different "tiers" of behaviours, some are apparent, some are not.

But two of the ways I tried, are

1. to create metric:Pageviews/Dist. Counts of IP address, breakdown by Cities Level.

2. to create metric: Counts of IP address/Dist. Counts of Marketing Cloud Visitor IDs, breakdown by Cities Level.

Then set intelligent alert if one of the metric is sudden above thresholds.

But I don't think above could help to identfy "Which Pages" are the fraud-traffic visited.

Above can set for...intelligent alert when a fraud-traffic happened, futhur deep dives are required...

Or just create table: Dimension: IP address, or Visitor ID, metric: Page views.

Then set the intelligent alert for Page views is above 500.

Then just check the IP or visitor ID.



Thanks ursboller : for information & advise

I am trying to filter the bot behavioral pattern with pageview action .

Visitor with 500 + pageviews within some timeframe . Pageview thresholds various based on page type example for galleries we have relaxed thresholds.