Segment Logic (Exclude unless event301 exists)



I have a number of exclusion rules I would like to place on a segment but also need to ignore these exclusion runs if event301 exists within a visits.   How would I do that


Hey for more content what im try to get to a rule that says 


Include visit which have been to page B / C / D 

Dont include visit which have been to Page A 

Dont include visit with a campaign code of ABC 

UNLESS within that visit they have had a event301


basically our exclusion of Page A is removing visits which have a purchase event and we need them to correct present conversion rates

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Dear Philip,

Exclude visits with Page A and event301 does not exist. So, it won't exclude Page A when event301 exists.

Thank You, Arun.



you can add container with inclusion rule as well with condition if event301 exists within a visits and it will work.