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Segment is returning too many subclasses


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Level 3

We classify our product data into classes and subclasses. Currently, we have hundreds of subclasses. I built a segment to only display data for 21 subclasses, but all of the subclasses are displayed when I generate the report. 

This is a snap shot of the last seven dimensions (subclass) in the segment I built:



But, you can see the workspace report returns 1,612 subclasses and I was only expecting 21 subclasses.



How can I include only the 21 subclasses I need and exclude all the rest?


Thank you for consideration,



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@I-5  Which container you are using in your segment definition ? Can you check the sane using 'Hit' container ?


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Level 3

Thank you for responding. We are using the Hit container.




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Hi so I think part of the problem is that you are basically trying to identify subclass with a purchase/order event.

I am also guessing a user can when purchasing order more than i subclass type at a time if yes then you are seeing the cross sell items as well. Do you also happen to track a transaction id?


What you could try and do is modify your segment and do a product/subtype report. Basically just have subtypes remove order event from within segment.


then use the actual event KPI purchase/order. list it and have event as metric


subtype 1     5 purchases

subtype 2     2 purchases

subtype 3     1 purchases

subtype 4     8 purchases

subtype 5     6 purchases



good luck