Segment from Traffic from logged in individuals using HIT and Visit



Hello everyone,

Anyone can help me to understand the difference between segment \using Visit and segment using Hit? Basically I want to measured a logged in users. 


1) Visitor Container


2) HIT Container



If i try to create a report i have this one, I expected to have a value <>0. Any suggestion?










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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Luca,

For Hit Container, you can use Does Not Equal.

For Visitor Container, using Does Not Equal didn't make any sense. So use Equals and 'Exclude' the traffic.

Ideally, you should not see any numbers on both the cases because your HIT container is already '0'.

Thank You, Arun.


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Answers (2)



Visits cast a wider net comprehensive for the entire Visitor web session whereas Hit based segments are based off occurrences of page or link requests.


Visitor Container


The Visitor container includes every visit and page view for visitors within a specified time frame. A segment at the Visitor level returns the page that meets the condition plus all other pages viewed by the visitor (and only constrained by defined date ranges). As the most broadly-defined container, reports generated at the Visitor container level will return page views across all visits and lets you generate a multi-visit analysis. Consequently, the Visitor container is the most susceptible to change based on defined date ranges.


Visit Container: The Visit container lets you identify page interactions, campaigns, or conversions for a specific web session. This segment scans through all the hits on your site, and if one matches, all hits that occurred within that visit are included.


Hit Container: The hit container is the most narrow of the containers available. When a rule within a hit container matches, only that individual hit is included in the segment. Unless other hits within an individual's visit also match the rule, all other hits are excluded.


Ref Doc:


By looking at the segment definition, Hit container will give 0 result as it is not able to find any hit that matches condition. But if we apply visitor segment it will return all the visits of all the visitors within selected date range which this condition matches.




Hi @1982luca ,

Adding to what @PratheepArunRaj  said, the Hit based segments will only pull the results for those hits where the User ID value is not equal to a specific value which you have mentioned. However, a Visitor based segment will pull the entire data set where the User ID is not equal to the value you have mentioned. I will try to clarify with the help of an example. So, let's say we have a visitor with the User ID = 'abc1243' who have made multiple visits to your web site. So, if you use a hit based segment to filter the results for this user then only the hits where the User ID was set to 'abc123' will be returned. However, if if you use a Visitor based segment then all the hits from this visitor will be returned i.e. where User ID is equal to 'abc123' as well as the hits where User ID is not equal to 'abc123' if one of the hits matches your segment condition.

Hope this helps.