Segment based on a prop.. pls. help



Purpose of reporting: To see the success rate of password resets for users who have a compromised account

  • s.propX captures the error message: in this case “Compromised Account”
  • s.pagename: “Id-and-captcha” is the 1st page to initiate a password reset
  • s.pagename: “reset successful” is the final page that lets them know they have reset their password

If I create a segment as this: Visit Container, s.propX equals Compromised Account

To get to the report I am trying to run; can I run a pages report and see how many visits within this segment hit the "reset successful" page?

considering s.propX - does not persist? is there a fault in the logic?


thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Should work as long as you are using visit or visitor container for your segment. If you use the hit you'd obviously only see the hits where the pagename is equal to whatever you set int he segment. 

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