segment and calculated metrics: count transition form page A to B



Hi All

I want ot measure transition from page A to Page B

I created a segment like this:


page:A then after 1 page view page:b

Then I can create a calculated metric with this segment but using the visits metric i count  only one transition form A to B in a session.

If I have more transition form A to B in the same session I cannot measure this.

Is there a way to accomplish this with segmnent?


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Alexis apologize for responding too late.

I created the segment form flow report (below the description)

If I create a calculate metric to measure page transition I have 2 possbility

1) page views: in this case I count all page visited in session of user that perform that page transition

2 visits: in this case I count only visits where that transition occoured.

Neither 1 nor 2 give me the number of transition...




Could you use instances instead of visits? this might give you more than one count per visit.

Also, I would suggest using 'within' 1 page view instead of 'after' 1 page view, if you want to see a user going directly from page A to B.