Searching for Segments

alim92960278 13-02-2018

Why is it so difficult to search for segments? Am I missing something?

It makes no difference if I'm in Segment Manager or trying to add segments to a report in Analytics; The search box returns segments that have nothing to do with my search. Here are a couple examples:

Search: cava


Page Contains "K12" - [Visitor] Then AR(e17)

MPSSchools "OHVA" Activity Link "Apply today!" - [Visitor]

Search: product


Parent Portal (Colorado Virtual Academy) - [Visitor]
Previous Page  = "Entered Site" - [Visit]

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


I believe it uses logic that becomes increasingly more generous when it doesn't find enough results.

If you search for "cava", the top results would be something like "cavalier". However since there aren't many items meeting that criteria, it becomes a little more lenient. For example, "caravan" would likely show up below cavalier since all the letters in "cava" are in "caravan".

If you have any specific examples where searching for something doesn't show up when you would expect it should, that would be helpful feedback to improve search.