Searches vs Visits vs Page Views in the Natural Search Report

andy_romain 12-01-2017


I was wondering what the difference is between Searches, Visits, and Page Views overall or just as it applies to the Natural Search Report (Traffic Sources -> Search Engines - Natural). Also, why are there zero's in the Searches column of the Natural Search Report?



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Andy,

Now in reference to the Search Engines - Natural report:

  • Searches: Shows the number of instances when a search was performed and the user clicked to land on your site and the link on the search engine was not a paid one.
  • Visits: Shows how much each search engine with a natural search click contributed to the visits number. One visits can have multiple searches done. One visit can also be contributing to a Natural and a Paid search
  • Page Views: The number of pages viewed on the site after landing through a natural search.

How many values are you seeing a zero against in the Search Engine - Natural report with the metric Searches? You should ideally see one if you are applying other metrics within the report.


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Answers (1)

andy_romain 16-01-2017

Hi Hyder,

- Thanks this makes perfect sense. The zero's in the Searches column were showing only because I had also applied Visits and Page Views.

Thanks again,