search variables by using event, evar, prop number

jisuk72348911 18-07-2019


Today suddenly i cannot search my variables in workspace by using event, evar, prop numbers.

For example, i used to search a variable by typing 'evar 13' on search box.

now, i cannot.

is it updated? or am i the only one who has this problem?


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

kumararajak 19-07-2019


I did not find any issue in searching the metrics/demenion/segment in my workspace. it works fine


For more detail on update/issue on tool status, please check here


Kumararaja K

jisuk72348911 19-07-2019

mine is like this because i didnt set evar or prop numbers on each variables name.

i think there was numbers next to each variables' name but it is disappeared.

i mean it used to like 'Category 1 Depth (prop 1)' / ''Category 1 Depth (eVar 1)'