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Hi all,

I'm looking to pull a report that displays the page results from a search. Essentially if the user searched "ethics", I would like to see the pages they landed on based on that search term. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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so when you say search are you referring to search within the website or on external source?

for implementing the internal search here is a document: Capturing and reporting on internal search in Adobe Analytics

once that is done you can report the data based on the search value by using the segment based of searched term and apply that on the pages report.

If you wants to check the customer journey after the search I would suggest the flow report in Analysis workspace or breakdown variable in which search term is captured by pages would also be an Idea.

Observe the journey with flow analysis | Adobe Analytics


Same goes with external search keyword on search engine.


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Are you able to get the answer? The links shared by Ankit are perfect for implementing internal searches.

To understand Keyword and the Searched count setting an eVar with a dedicated event would be the great idea. But if you want to understand the immediate landing page visitor landed after he/she searched for, it would be to pass the keyword to next page using a cookie and capture the value of the cookie to fire the value with landing page Adobe Analytics Server Call with one more event and then clearing the cookie.

Condition would go like this.

On Search, capture the Search Key Word and set the value in an eVar1 (Lets say) with event1; then capture the keyword value and store it in the cookie. If visitor clicks the any landing page from the result, visitor should land to a page where previous page is Search Page. So set a condition globally to capture the cookie value and set the value in eVar1 with event 2 if the current page is not Search Page but previous page is. So on landing page, along with other Adobe Analytics Variables & Server Call eVar1 (Keyword value) with event 2 will fire;then delete the cookie.

So if you go to report, you can understand how many searches have been done using the event1 and how many successful landings been happened after the search by just dragging the events 1 and 2 against the eVar1. If you have Page Name in secondary dimension with the event, you can understand the Landing Page Details as well.

This would be the best approach i have seen after all my experience. Even it is allowing me to slice and dice for segments. Cheers for the implementation.

Thank You!