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I am trying to get search keyword report into adobe analytics. I have implemented the paid search detection rules and internal URL filters. I am getting reports on search engines-all but in search keyword-all report, I am just getting reports data as "Keyword Unavailable". KIndly suggest if any implementation I need to do to get search keywords-all reports(list of searched keywords from search engines).


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Any of the reports under Traffic Sources that have "Keywords" in the title (i.e. Search Keywords - All, Search Keywords - Paid, and Search Keywords - Natural) will have "Keyword Unavailable" as the first result. This is because most searches are secure searches these days and they do not allow for the search term to be available. Here's an article about secured searches not providing search terms Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options

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Answers (2)



Hi Manish,

If you got "keywords unspecified" then you worry about the data and you can go ahead and check the rules and paid search detection. If you got "keywords unavailable" then it might be the reason what said on the below article.

Keyword Unavailable in paid search :

These policy changes to remove keywords from natural searches are not intended to impact paid search. However, Adobe has observed a small subset of instances where Google paid search click-through have stopped reporting keywords. Because the keyword query string does not contain a value, it displays as "Keyword Unavailable" in paid search keyword reports.

Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options

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