Scientific Format In Data Warehouse Report

vipuls85671841 08-02-2019

Hi. I am trying to schedule a marketing cloud visitor ID report through data warehouse and when I get the excel file the ID is converted into a scientific format. I have tried to change format by using "Custom" format in excel however that results in multiple zeroes after a few digits. Also this report will be consumed as it is so can't really edit it every time before it is used. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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You mention that another team is going to consume this automatically. Are they going to be using Excel to check the data. The data only gets distorted when the file is opened in Excel. if the other team is not using excel, then they shouldn't have any issues.

If they are using Excel to check the data. You can probably use Report Builder. In that use the prepend function to avoid changing the value to scientific notation
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while doing the import, in excel set the corresponding row to "string" and the mid gets displayed correctly. doing this all the time and don't have any issues with this option...


Did some digging, and this is specifically an issue with Excel - I'm afraid there's not much Adobe can do on this front. Excel automatically converts large numbers to scientific notation, and currently there isn't a way to turn it off.

A workaround would be to start with an empty workbook, then set all cells to the format of 'number'. You can then use the import data from csv functionality to open the file.

vipuls85671841 04-03-2019

Hi hyderziaee​. Tried using Report Builder but since I need this MID data correlated with pages and various events as metrics, the limitations with Report Builder do not let me get entire data. Since only Data Warehouse can be used to extract the report is there a way to get MID in the correct (non-scientific) format?

vipuls85671841 01-03-2019

hyderziaee​ Yes, the other team is going to use excel too. Can however try using prepend function in Report Builder to see if that works. Thanks much for the help.

vipuls85671841 14-02-2019

Hi ishans9314858​. Tried generating the same report in report builder and faced the same issue again. So copying the data in notepad first is the only option?


Hi vipuls85671841​,

I don't think Report Builder has any such columns capturing long integers. So there shouldn't be any issues using Report Builder.

vipuls85671841 13-02-2019

Thanks for your reply. This file has to be automatically consumed by another team which will not be possible with this solution. Is it going to be the same if the file is scheduled through report builder as well? Any other alternatives?


Hi vipuls85671841​,

Try copying the data in a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ first, and then copy paste in Excel. In the latter stage, you may want to delimit the values using fixed width, space and it would work.

Let me know if you run into any issues.

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