Scheduled reports with >500 rows

andreas48314636 06-04-2018

Hi, I need to set up a scheduled report but I know that it will have more than 500 rows of data. Does anyone know if there's a way to bypass this so the scheduled report includes ​all​ of the data?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Andreas,

The image you have shown is not a Scheduler rather Advance Downloader.

Kindly use CSV. It has the limit of 50,000 Rows.

Thank You


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Answers (3)


use a scheduled export in data warehouse (instead of report)? there is only a file size restriction when using email, but not by ftp (as far as i know)

see here for more info: Data Warehouse

andreas48314636 06-04-2018

Hi, thank you for responding! This is a report, not a workspace project. In the Advanced Download window, I get an error message when I put in a number over 500. I am wondering if there is a way to bypass this restriction.


nikitaf2673776 06-04-2018

I'm assuming you're talking about scheduling the delivery of a workspace project right? If it's only one single table, you could most likely recreate it as a report (as opposed to a workspace) and send it that way without the limit.

You could also set up a reportbuilder spreadsheet and schedule it to be sent out that way.