Scheduled reports and "send file" not working from Workspace

matiasklings 06-02-2018

Hi all

Anyone who have experienced the same? Kind of a bif issue because, in our office, there are many poeple depending on sheduled report. Any help would be appreciated!

Kind regards,

Matias Klingsholm

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


We performed a maintenance on our servers last week - Tuesday for the backend processing architecture, and Thursday for the front-end stuff. I'm willing to bet that it was due to that.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

Community Manager

I'll move this question over to the Analytics community in case they have some additional context around why that might have happened.

matiasklings 07-02-2018

Hi Jantzen

Yes it is Analytics Workspace. However it seems the problem has been fixed. We suddenly got spammed with all the reports we were missing from days back. And now people are receiving their reports as scheduled.

Thanks, best regards,


Community Manager

Hi Matias,

I'm assuming you are using Analysis Workspace when you are getting this problem? I ask because this question is currently posted in our Experience Cloud catch all community. Once I confirm where you are getting the error from, I'll move the question to the correct community so our experts can advise.