Scheduled Projects Not Being Sent

preethi271 01-03-2017

Hi There

My Scheduled projects in Omniture were being sent regularly, however since I started adding in a few more projects they seem to have stopped. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Keen to get this resolved asap so I can send out one project instead of multiple reports. 


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Suhail_Parkar 03-03-2017

Hi Preethi -

Yes, I'm also facing the same issue with report builder scheduler and Scheduled Reports Manager (.PDF reports). I would suggest, raise a ClientCare ticket for this issue.

Also, please check with your internal IT Team if they have made some changes internally. Following is the document which includes the IPS which needs to be white listed at your end. You can use this list of ranges to alter your organization's firewall settings to allow log-in access 



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