Scheduled Projects Not Being Sent, Every Update to Schedule Generates New E-mail



I scheduled a Workspace Project to be e-mailed as a PDF starting today at 8 a.m. EST. However, nothing was sent around that time.

I went to Scheduled Projects to double-check my setup and a couple more recipients, and after clicking 'Update,' the report was immediately sent. I added a couple more recipients later, and another report was generated after clicking 'Update.' Shouldn't the reports be withheld until the next schedule time. I don't want to spam inboxes every time I update the recipients list.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I've noticed the same here, if you update a schedule and the start date and time on it is in the past it will automatically rerun the report immediately. The only way to stop it doing this is to set the project start date and time to the next time you want it to run.

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Answers (1)


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Hi Dino, 

This looks like a bug to me. You should get it logged in through ClientCare to get that fixed. Meanwhile you can use the workaround as mentioned by Andrew.