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Hello Everyone ,

I prepared 3 different scheduled project to be sent every Monday to 20/25 members or non members (via Email) of AA.

> Only 1 of the 3 reports has been sent

> Not every recipients have received it.

There were also some problem with a fallout that were working perfectly under the 'VISIT' scope and sunday night it was not working anymore without any new changes. I will only work now under the 'VISITOR' scope.

Many thanks for your help

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Camil,

Have you checked in the Scheduled Projects Manager?

It will show the projects that a specific user has created. If the user account is disabled in the application, all scheduled deliveries stop.

Also please check the expire data on the scheduled report and the below link for internal check.

Troubleshooting scheduled reports in Adobe Analytics



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Answers (1)




regarding "weekly scheduling" we had an issue today as well (a lot of weekly reports are missing). might be caused by "month start" and "week start" on the same day, but we raised a ticket anyway...