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In Workspace, I am using the percent change column to track YoY changes. I right click on a column and choose the date range I want to compare to, and the percent change column is generated.


The percent change column seems to be generated in a way that is hard coded to the two input columns. Is there a way to set up a percent change column that is just attached to the two columns, and is NOT hard coded? It would be much easier to change date ranges and segments if I could do this. Currently if I change date ranges or segments on my columns, the percent change column does not always accurately reflect the change in date range or segment.


I know the summary change visualization does this, attaches to 2 cells instead of being hard coded. Can the percent change column do that as well?



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Accepted Solutions (1)





It is only dynamic if you use rolling dates.

If you click for example on "Prior month to this date range" it won't be hard coded but if you select a specifi period it will be hard coded.

For MoM changes, I created a date range as follows :

Start : start of current month minus 28 days

End : start of current day minus 28 days


For YoY, try this :

Start : start of current year minus 1 year

End : start of current day minus 365 days


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