Save edits directly over someone else's workspace project?

tom_tang 21-11-2016


I'm collaborating on creating a report in Analysis Workspace with another member of my team.  He is the designated "owner" of the project but has shared the report project with me.  However, after making edits on his report, I can't seem to save directly over this file (it only provides the option to "Save As" a new project).   Does anyone know if it's possible to save over the original file? (or if there are specific permissions that need to be granted first)?


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

Hoopla1991 06-12-2017


Is this still the case - I've read about collaboration settings on user management and wondered if this would allow our team to all work from one central workspace and save edits to this one workspace?

Would be really good to be able to collaborate on workspaces!