Sales Variance to Business Systems

krista_ruskin 30-06-2016

We typically see a 3-5% variance in sales when comparing Adobe to our Business (SAP/BI) systems (usually Adobe is a bit low). What is considered to be a normal variance? What typically causes such a variance? For lack of evidence of other causes, I have always suspected that the tracking pixel (located 75% down the page) doesn't have a chance to load before the consumer closes the window. Other thoughts or sources of what is industry standard is most welcome. Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Community Manager

Hi Krista,

Different web analytics tools have different ways to measuring data. You are right about the tracking pixel which may be one of the reasons. Other sources which I can think of is how a value is credited to a conversion. There are different types of allocation about which you can read here

I hope this helps.


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