Safari ITP 2.1 Impact on Unique Visitors Metrics



Hello All,

I would like to validate more on Safari ITP 2.1 browser post upgrade impact, especially on unique visitors metrics.

Can someone please help me on how to do to an analysis using Adobe Analytics or Workspace platform?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Create a segment using the Days Since Last Visit dimension

Use a hit container, "is greater than" as the comparison operator, and "7" as the value associated with the comparison operator.

You are using 7 as the value because ITP 2.1 is supposed to reset cookies for visitors who don't come back within 7 days. ITP 2.2, which was announced in late April 2019, has changed this to 1 day rather than 7.

Create a calculated metric using your Days Since Last Visit > 7 segment

I like having a calculated metric for this since it makes things look cleaner. You can use "visits" as the metric when building this.

Create a calculated metric for % Days Since Last Visit > 7

Take your Days Since Last Visit > 7 calculated metric and divide it by visits. I prefer using a percentage rather than decimals If you apply this calculated metric to days in Analysis Workspace, you will see the percentage of visits on a given day that

Create a segment for Apple browser visits

Since ITP impacts Apple browsers (Safari), create a segment that focuses solely on these. You can use a visit container with Browser Type as the dimension, equals as the operator, and a value of "Apple".

You'll probably want to set up a few freeform tables in Analysis Workspace to see what happens with these calculated metrics:

  • Browser
  • Browser Type
  • Device (using Mobile Device)
  • Device Type (using Mobile Device Type)